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Automation in records management will be key in 2018

CRM Group Vice President, Philip Britton, reflects on 2017 and looks at what 2018 will bring

Crown Records Management Group Vice President, Philip Britton, shares the company’s greatest achievements in 2017 and what can be expected from 2018.

Automating processes for customers

During 2017, Crown Record Management’s Information Management Services really began to take off around the world. We saw big growth in these services particularly in China, India and the Philippines. Moving into 2018, we’re keen to increase the balance between the physical records management we offer and our expanding range of services in digital and electronic workflow management systems.

Automation was in great demand during 2017 and we expect this need will grow in 2018 as more businesses see the benefits of leveraging emerging technologies to reduce human labor. Our solutions and the third-party services we work with help our clients to remove fallible human elements across their workflows wherever possible. Automating administrative tasks allows employees to get on with tasks where they can really add value. It saves time across businesses, ensuring that information is compliant and can be accessed easily and securely.

This year, we helped a number of clients to automate their time-intensive invoicing and expenses systems. We helped businesses by removing paperwork and speeding up the time it takes for people to get paid. In one particular instance, we worked with a company to develop software that allowed employees to invoice the head office directly through a mobile device.

Expanding markets worldwide

We’ve expanded the business over the past year through acquisitions and some ambitious building projects. We’ve recently opened and expanded facilities in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

This year we’ll bring our records management services to Bangladesh and Myanmar. It’s fascinating to see the growth and changing dynamics in these areas, especially as many businesses are moving swiftly into electronic records management. Because they are highly adaptive, companies in these regions are adopting new technologies much more quickly than in the U.K. or U.S..

Improving customer experiences

In 2018 we will be working to centralize our processes so that we can respond to and help customers more quickly. We’re also going to consolidate data through interactive portals so that our customers can gain swift access to the reports and information they need about their records. Having this information to hand will help businesses to ensure they are using our services in the most cost-efficient ways possible.

What I’m really excited about this year are the two employee-led groups we are setting up; one will look at our products and services and how we sell and another will look at best practices and how to be more efficient and compliant. These groups are made up of Crown Records Management staff from around the world. We’ll be able to share initiatives from different regions and get to the bottom of what works where.

Continuing to provide great customer service

What impresses and humbles me most about the Crown Records Management team as I go all over the world is how professional they are and how much knowledge they have about their customers. A great strength of our team is how well we understand the businesses we work with. We are able to step in as a third party and make suggestions for improving efficiencies.

Above all else, 2018 will be about continuing to deliver expertise in records management. Our sights will be set on increasing the Information Management Services we offer globally and helping businesses take advantage of new technologies.

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