Regional Library

Background and challenges

In 2013, a regional library approached Crown Records Management regarding courier services between several locations for service, distribution and storage of their books. Crown Records Management - Canada Case Study: Regional LibraryThe critical service requirements included:

  • Service required during overnight closed hours
  • Emphasis on standard practices
  • Service from one central location with distribution to 14 individual locations
  • All materials moved or received must be logged

The library had contacted several companies but was unable to find a suitable service provider that could cover all of the requirements. It had also previously worked with three other vendors but none could not meet the level of service that was needed. Our Crown Records Management team met with the regional library to determine if we could provide this service and meet the scope of service required.

The solution

Crown provided a secure method of transportation of internal library material, to be picked up and delivered among the 14 locations. A full-time night driver was hired specifically for this client to ensure secure transportation of internal library material. The driver was trained for this dedicated service to provide timely collections, accurate logs and delivery for all of the regional library’s needs. Services are conducted overnight, ensuring that each branch is prepared for business come opening hours. In addition to the overnight transportation and delivery service, Crown also picks up the library’s business mail from Canada Post and delivers it accordingly. Crown provides additional storage services to the library for discontinued and out-of-date stock for the regional library’s end-of-the-year charity sale.

The outcome

Crown has been engaged with the regional library for over two years, successfully serving their needs. A review of our services was recently conducted with the client who reported that our services are excellent. Additionally, during the review, our driver was commended for his quick action during one of his runs when he noticed that an electric baseboard heater was on fire in one of the facilities. He called 911 and the building superintendent immediately, and the fire was extinguished. Without his quick-thinking actions, the fire—in a building filled with combustible books—could have resulted in significant damage and loss for our client.