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Conduent Inc. is an American business process services company headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey. It was formed in 2017 as a divestiture from Xerox. The company offers digital platforms for businesses and governments. As of 2020, it has 68,000 employees working across 40 countries.

Conduent India Labs works primarily on emerging technologies in mobile and IoT, machine learning and statistics, human interactions and experience design, blockchain and AI for global customers. The company operates out of eight cities in India.

The company engaged our services to implement an end to end solution for managing their employee records.


  • All employee files available in hard copies were stored in Conduent offices across India.
  • The corporate HR team didn’t have access to employee files stored at offices in different locations.
  • Accessing employee records for the corporate HR team meant reaching out to the local branch teams time and again. The documents were then shared over emails, making it time-consuming practice.
  • Owing to the size restriction of attachments in the emails, several mails had to be sent out in case of bulk requests.
  • Sensitive employee documents such appraisal and appointment letters generated at the corporate office were shared with local offices via courier or emails.
  • Absence of a centralized repository for employee file was impacting the operational efficiency of HR Teams.
  • It was difficult to monitor availability of all mandatory documents as per company policies in the employee file. Conduent was using Excel files for tracking it at each office location and updating it as and when new documents were received.


  • Crown implemented a web-based employee records management system to provide an end to end solution for managing employee records.
  • Location wise folders and sub-folders were created in the DMS.
  • Document types were created in the application as per Conduent’s check list. Some document types were tagged as mandatory allowing DMS to generate reports and auto notify the administrator if any of the documents were not available in the DMS.
  • Crown consolidated all employee records at a centralized location and digitized all the records which were then uploaded on the DMS. This ensured that the documents were securely stored and could be accessed only by authorized users.


  • A centralized repository of employee records meant real-time access to all authorized users irrespective of geographical locations.
  • The DMS eliminated the dependency on any individual to access employee records. Authorized users with login credentials could access the system independently.
  • Document set feature allowed real time report on presence/absence of mandatory documents for each employee.
  • Auto notifications to HR SPOC and employees assisted in submission of those mandatory documents which were missing and helped the team and process stay compliant.
  • Users were mapped to their specific location folders to ensure restricted access in the DMS.
  • Corporate HR team were mapped to all location wise folders aiding them in accessing any employee record and at any time.
  • Documents generated at the corporate office were directly uploaded to DMS and made available to all authorized user thereby eliminating sharing of documents via mail or courier.
  • Complete audit trail of every action taken by user is captured in DMS with date and time stamp making tracking and monitoring more efficient and easier.
  • The HR team is now able to collaborate seamlessly and securely among their inter-departments.



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