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Communication is one of the most critical aspects of any business. For many organisations, the mail room is the hub of all business documentation. That’s why scanning and organising these documents, categorising them and knowing where they are going is paramount.

Our Virtual Mail room works hand in hand with our other digital solutions, guaranteeing you the greatest productivity from your people and resources while being tailored specifically to your needs. Our services include mail sorting, rapid deployment, reduced paper, document formatting, collaboration, storage and retrieval.


The need to get mail to the right person, in a timely manner, is vital in every organisation. Many organisations are looking at how to streamline processes, speed up the workflows, and deliver an enhanced service to their internal users. This is where we can help.

Mail is diverted to our secure facilities where it is opened, sorted, and scanned. Scanned mail is then delivered electronically into your own systems and routed to key individuals; or they can be housed within our hosted services, for you to review. No more pigeon-holes, mail trolleys, delays, or lost post in the office.

The originals can be retained within our secure records management centres or destroyed in accordance with your own corporate procedures.

The solution is designed to integrate with your existing digital expansion programmes, enabling full control and access to relevant data to only those individuals that need it.

Benefits of implementing a digital mailroom:

  • Improves productivity.
  • Builds on your digital profile.
  • Enhances response times.
  • Reduces costs and release space.
  • Minimises information loss.
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