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Moving lock, stock and barrel? Here’s how your office relocation can be easier

Relocating your office? Whether your office is headed across the block or to a new location in the city, an office relocation needs immaculate planning. A mismanaged office move not only creates difficulties for your employees but is also a headache for your prospects and clients.

Relocating your office leaves your current premises in a mess which can hamper business operations during the days kept aside for the move. Setting up a new premise can be equally stressful and daunting. A properly planned move seeking professional support from moving services provider can be of definite help.

We have put together some tips of all the steps your organisation needs to consider for a smooth and successful workplace relocation.


Start planning the move preferably two months in advance. Identify things which have to be physically relocated and those which can be donated. Carry out a survey and classify the office items as essentials and non-essentials. Moving non-essential stuffs first will surely help you reduce your businesses’ downtime. As for the essentials, clearly label them and set aside for packers to professionally wrap and place in cartons or packing boxes. Electronic items like TVs, laptops can be bubble / foam wrapped for secure transfer.

Advance planning can reduce logistical hassles and disruptions to your business. Keep your employees aware of the move date so that they can pack their stuff and plan their work schedules accordingly.



Is your company moving to an upscale and smaller workspace in that swanky business park in the city? Yes, then you need to evaluate your storage options. Documents which require storage and eat up huge spaces and additionally run the risk of being misplaced can be stored offsite. Outsource document management to a service provider who can store and retrieve documents as per demand. This not only reduces volume of the goods to be relocated, it also provides you an opportunity to re-look and evaluate your document storage space and needs. Your new office can be a lot cleaner and clutter-free.

Critical documents can also be securely purged and certificates provided for successful document destruction. A records management service provider can be engaged to deliver this.


Communicate your move to your clients and other stakeholders in advance. Let your clients know that they can expect delays in response to their mails and calls. Designating an employee as a single point of contact during the transition in cases of emergency does make sense. Make changes to your own website, yellow page providers and other websites where your business address features prominently. Google maps and other digital assets need to be updated immediately.

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