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file management system

Establishing Your Filling Requirement

Access to active files is vital but office space is limited. We help you achieve efficiencies in both. With File Management, we consult with you to establish your exact needs and then barcode each of your files according to your specification.

This provides a far more accurate methodology for managing individual files and enables retrieval of individual items rather than complete cartons of files; reducing the potential risk in retrieving a whole box when you only need to access one file.


What Does File Management System Mean to Business

File management system is an organized structure that securely stores and maintains confidential files in a manner that allows them to be retrieved correctly and easily. It also allows you to set access restrictions, permissions, and roles for specific files.

This includes granting different levels of access to files and assigning roles for specific users. This increases the efficiency and security of your company data, as only the right user receives the correct file directly.

Furthermore, employees can be more productive with an effective file management system in place as it can reduce the time they require to find documents. Barcoded files and searchable databases simplify the retrieval process one step further.

This can reduce mistakes such as finding the wrong document and guarantees that the specific file required is available whenever needed.


Things to look for when choosing a file management system

criteria looking for file management systemDocuments and data are the bread and butter of any organization, making an effective file management solution all the more important.

With the right capabilities, a file management system will provide the greatest degree of flexibility to your business.

This is why you need to evaluate your requirements and align them with the solution you’re considering.

So here are a few things you need to look out for:

  1. Security – While easy access to documents is an important aspect of a file management system for most businesses, you need to make sure they’re also secure. When selecting a file management system, find out the security features of their application as well as the security measures of the company.
  2. Features – Not all file management systems are created equal, so you need to understand what your file management system is capable of and what you need it to be able to do. On a high level, most of them have the same capabilities but you’ll want to choose something with the necessary integration capabilities with an easy-to-use interface.
  3. Scalability – When choosing a new file management system, you should also evaluate if it offers the capabilities for scalability. Is your technology suited for the ride or will you have to put in more time and effort to change to a more scalable platform later?
  4. Quality – Although every organization handles documents and data as a primary part of its everyday routine, not every one of them does so in the same way. So it is imperative that your vendor has the ability to understand and tailor their solutions with the industry-specific compliance and security requirements of your company.


How Crown Can Help In Designing An Effective Filing Management

When you store your business information off-site, you want to know it is secure and accessible. We deliver a professional, managed service which gives you complete confidence in the safety of your hardcopy documents. We take pride in our records management system.

Stored in our highly secure facilities staffed with trained specialists, you save critical space in your office while having seamless access to your information.

We take care of transporting them and storing them in our own secure warehouse facilities.

The cartons are barcoded, with all relevant data being stored in your own Information Management System or Crown’s RMOrder system.



  • Cartons are managed with a barcode system enabling instant access to any item at any time.
  • Allows for a full audit trail of all items at any time.
  • Creates space within your own facilities for revenue-generating opportunities rather than storing documents.
  • RMOrder platform allows you to review your inventory and request services without hassle.
  • Equipped with advanced security, fire protection and environmental controls to safeguard your records.
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