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Information governance services

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Helping you manage data compliance

The world’s laws and regulations on data, its management, retention and destruction, are evolving all the time. As public awareness around data grows, so too does the need to understand these rules to meet risks to both finances and reputation.

Maximise the value of your information

Information Governance covers a wide number of areas and fits into many organisations’ existing governance structures. It covers the activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information whilst minimising associated risks and costs. Governance is as much about positively influencing people’s behaviour as having effective business processes.

Improving your information governance and managing your data, means you can utilise and keep your organisation’s information safe. You will also know who is responsible for what information or data, as it has value as well as potential liabilities.

What are the benefits?

  • Comprehensive review of information governance with improvement recommendations.
  • Confidence that the organisation is planning to or acting appropriately regarding regulations.
  • Highlights ways to mitigate risks where appropriate through effective retention and defensible destruction policies.
  • Reduces physical and digital storage costs.
  • Increases operational efficiency.

The need to control and manage information is not just good for customers but is legally required in a number of countries.

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