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Transform your HR processes through digital services

Human Resources is one of the most critical organizational functions without which an important cog in the organization – the employees, can’t contribute optimally in shaping its fortune. People are the lifeblood of a company. Often the task of complying to a myriad regulatory and reporting requirements weigh down the HR team, where they should be channelizing their efforts in ensuring to recruit and retain the best talents in their companies. The pile of papers, resumes, forms, interview notes and letters on an HR professional’s desk is a common sight in most organizations.

HR teams deal with thousands of documents, most of which are in paper format and have to be physically filed, archived and stored. Processes need constant attention to ensure things run as smoothly as possible and that each department deals with the required tasks. Crown Records Management’s HR Document Management System (HRDMS) enables better management of employee files, equipping personnel with secure and instant access to information.

Integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), our HRDMS automates the way you collect, create, process information to transform your HR service delivery. Our system is designed to strip away all of the superfluous work tasks and simplify the decision-making process.

Our HRDMS module helps transform every stage of interaction between an employee and the HR.

Hiring to exit and further

Benefits of implementing HRDMS

  • Shorten the productivity curve
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Reduce clerical tasks
  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Instant secure access to all employee documents
  • Eliminate manual handling which improves turn-around times
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