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Sify Technologies

The challenges

With a flourishing business, Sify had to handle huge volumes of Customer Application Forms (CAF). Sify was finding it difficult to manage the growing volume of documents within their office and all by themselves. The Bangalore office of Sify received CAFs from all over India and to manage these documents was becoming cumbersome.

The key challenges faced by Sify were:

  • The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) audit where TRAI would randomly verify the CAFs on short notice. Retrieving the documents and handing it over to TRAI in a short span of time was an arduous task.
  • Tally all the documents coming from all over India.
  • Tracking the missing documents.
  • Safe keeping of the documents.

The solution

Sify reached out to a number of service providers in the market to help them find a solution to handle the challenges. After multiple rounds of discussions, Crown Records Management was assigned to address these challenges and find a solution. We started off with implant services to manage Sify’s records within their office and later with off-site records storage. Our team packed and moved 295 cartons which had over 1, 00,000 documents by end of the year 2014.

Our implant services includes verifying the documents received, data entry of keywords, affixing file bar codes and packing the documents in cartons. We started off the clean-up exercise by clearing the backlogs at the same time managing the new volumes. The first TRAI audit happened by the time we cleared the backlogs. Our team spent hours physically searching the CAFs to retrieve the required documents for audit. As we showed good progress, Sify grew more confident in handling the audits. At present, we have reached a stage where audit is no more a challenge for Sify.

It’s been over 6 years since we started our services for Sify and the business relationship has only grown stronger with each passing year. We still continue both with our implant services and offsite records storage services as well. Currently, we have over 5500 cartons in store with an average carton growth of 1000 cartons every quarter.

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