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Photograph of David Fathers

David Fathers

Regional General Manager


As the Head of the business in the UK and Ireland, my focus is very much on the changes that have affected and continue to affect our industry. Drawing upon my industry experience my role requires us to constantly review our proposition, providing services that address what is important to our customers.

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Photograph of Dominic Johnstone

Dominic Johnstone

Head of Information Management Services


As head of Information Management Services, I am responsible for the management and leadership of business development team, direction of the development of bespoke technical solutions, development of network of partners for technical solutions and strategies for major accounts including opportunities for sales growth and cross selling of Crown services.

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Photograph of Simon Allen

Simon Allen

Business Development Manager


I have nearly 20 years’ experience within the records management industry, 10 of which have been in client facing roles, helping people reduce the complexity of managing & accessing their records & information. I really enjoy working with people to help them understand that scanning is not just an alternative, it’s one element of the solution. 

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Photograph of Ann Sellar

Ann Sellar

Business Development Manager

I develop the go-to  market strategy and operational delivery for secure destruction in the UK and Ireland. Confidential destruction was historically known as ‘waste or recycling’ but this has changed over the years as businesses and people learn the true value of the data. In secure destruction I am interested in the data on the paper, not the paper itself. It is important to ensure that the data at the end of its lifecycle is destroyed so it cannot be used in a fraudulent manner.
Photograph of Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

Customer Relationship Manager


My passion is identifying areas within Medical Records Departments that are not working 100% effectively and devising creative and innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Even after 20+ years in the market, I still get a buzz from helping trusts to improve efficiency and achieve their strategic goals. A key part of my role is to help them optimise the way in which this information is used.

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Photograph of Jez Tibbetts

Jez Tibbetts

Regional Commercial Manager


I am a records management systems expert with over 20 years operational and commercial records management experience. A key focus is on process improvement and delivering a quality customer experience. My overwhelming aim is to bring all of that knowledge and positive experience to Crown and build some real value on top of the fantastic business that already exists.