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Invoice Management

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Efficient digital finance process automation


Invoice management is critical in today’s fast changing business environment. Finance teams need to be able to process and manage invoices quickly and ensure an efficient accounts receivable process.

With our Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECMS) invoices and receipts are captured and classified automatically and passed on to the correct employee in a workflow, even those in different departments or locations. This gives you comprehensive control over your invoice management process ensuring that no invoices are forgotten. All the data needed to process and collect payments can be accessed through our secure web or on-site software.

Our software links with SAP systems (SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA®), as well as other third-party systems, such as Datev and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This allows you to streamline processes such as generating or modifying invoices or linking to specific documents to enable a centralised location for tracking collections.


  1. Efficient Processes

    Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs.

  2. Powerful search

    Smart search tools ensure that all the information need is literally at your fingertips.

  3. Integrated third-party systems

    Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and enable information exchange between systems.

  4. Lower overheads

    Do away with paper-based filing systems, which are expensive and difficult to manage.

How it works:

  1. Scanning
    Inbound invoices are scanned.
  2. Archiving and classifying
    Invoices are archived in the ECM system and classsified with ELO Docxtractor, which then runs a plausability check with the data in your SAP system.
  3. Workflow
    The system automatically generates the appropriate workflow and oversees the payment approval process.
  4. Invoice posted in SAP system
    Once approved in the system the invoice is posted in the SAP system and its documentation is linked.

The Solution at a glance:

1. Invoice dashboard
Track all invoices in circulation on the invoice dashboard:
• Monitor invoices and payment deadlines.
• View the current status and detailed invoice information.
• Filter options, e.g. to show time-critical documents only.
• Meet payment deadlines thanks to an early warning system.
• Generate statistics

2. Forms
Forms help you get invoices approved faster:
• Use forms to modify data captured automatically.
• Record unique data such as delivery quantities.
• Different form modules help you to stay organised.

3. Feed
The ELO feed is a chat-based tool for collaborating on documents:
• Simple, transparent way to exchange information.
• Monitor changes in documents.
• Create a post on a document or join a discussion.
• Mention colleagues in a comment and refer to posts.

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