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Helping Your Staff to Manage Their Mental Wellbeing

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Innovative technology for enhanced mental wellbeing

Mental health is increasingly recognised as an area we all need to focus on. No matter how we feel we can always influence our colleague’s mental health, as well as our own.
As part of our ongoing purpose to deliver wide ranging information management solutions, we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with FormScore and their wellbeing app. Our joint partnership will enable us to provide a unique solution to organisations who seek to develop wellbeing and mindfulness solutions for their colleagues.

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One in four people can be affected by mental health issues

This can impact their personal lives, as well as their working life, leading to employee absence. With many people being affected, wellbeing is a familiar term frequently used both in and out of the workplace.

As well as the clear moral imperative for organisations to support their employees in times of crises, there is an equally strong case for organisations to promote good physical and mental health.

Watch this short video from our Head of ECM, Antony Biondi on our exclusive partnership with FormScore

Features of the FormScore app:

  1. 1. Employee wellness management

  2. 2. Team support networks

  3. 3. Mental health tracking

  4. 4. Drives employee engagement

“Actively promoting wellbeing leads to greater staff productivity, morale and retention, and reduced sickness absence and presenteeism”The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

What does FormScore offer?

Identifying the early indicators that an employee is struggling is one of the most effective ways of giving them adequate support.

With FormScore, you can track your mental health on a daily basis with their online scoring tool. This tool anonymously collates how employees are feeling to enable managers in the organisation to promote wellbeing and offer support.

Watch this short video to hear Rob Stephenson the CEO and founder of FormScore talk about the mental wellbeing app


Don’t just take our word for it, Download The FormScore Guide ebook

We’ve worked with FormScore to provide this service. The guide is packed with practical steps to help you improve your mental wellbeing! 

You’ll find chapters on motivation; sleep, exercise, stress, work, nutrition, relationships, purpose, finances, nature, health, kids, energy, and travel. Each chapter will give you the low-down on why it matters so much, along with practical tips for improving your relationship with that particular area of your life, and plenty of additional resources.

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Find out how we can help your organisation to manage the wellbeing of your staff with our HR wellbeing solution, in partnership with FormScore and their mental wellbeing app.