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Ensuring a best practice approach

E-mails play a vital role in modern business communications for all markets. With this indisputable fact in mind, Crown offers all the necessary functions for comprehensive e-mail life cycle management (ELM), from simple e-mail archiving to complex e-mail process management.

All e-mails are processed on creation, filed, and managed until deletion, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and keeping processes transparent. With e-mail management capabilities, you can save costs, resources, and valuable time thanks to the ultra fast search function. Keep track of relevant information for optimised decision-making allowing you to gain a competitive edge.

Crown ECM Suite not only guarantees compliant filing, but also ensures that e-mails are handled with the relevant business process. Crown analyses information from the e-mail (order, request, address change, invoice, etc.), then transfers it to a predefined business process. Business processes are made transparent for employees.


  1. Establish a foundation for long-term compliance

  2. Seamless integration with the leading e-mail server environment

  3. Client-based e-mail archiving

  4. Server-based e-mail archiving

  5. Sophisticated permissions for security and compliance

  6. Business-critical information

enterprise content management solution from Crown

Other Basic Functions:

  • Avoiding duplication for redundancy-free filing
    The repository is compatible with all current hardware and software technologies, such as those included with Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher. Efficient data storage minimises administration and costs.
  • Stay connected, any place, any time
    We offer various mobile apps and clients, enabling users to access archived e-mails offline
  • Integrate pst files seamlessly
    Existing PST files can be seamlessly integrated in the new filing approach. This is an important function if you want to switch to electronic filing and transfer your old database of less secure PST files to a more secure filing system. Another advantage is faster updates when Microsoft Outlook releases its updates. Thanks to this integration, you can continue to access filed e-mails from your preferred client.

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