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Solution Scanning

At Crown Records Management, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ view is not effective and can result in end users working with just an ‘OK’ solution. Instead of automating processes and making lives simpler for clients’ employees, this usually creates unnecessary workarounds.

We have carefully designed programmes to support critical areas, whether that be in the management of HR records, or the critical access to patient data. Our programmes are templated to be fully customisable for any organisation, providing a truly bespoke design on a departmental basis.

These programmes transform the way businesses operate today by automating manual processes, and structuring what was unstructured data: providing you with a clearer picture of the world, making critical business decisions easier and quicker to make, and providing a return of investment for years to come.

HR Scanning

Scalable digital HR solution

Our HR digital solution enables HR professionals to manage their employee records wherever they are in the world.

Our hybrid way of working means that personnel records are not always easily available to your HR team, especially when kept in hardcopy format. We have carefully designed a solution to support HR professionals across all levels, creating a secure and automated environment to support HR business processes.

Digitising your HR department

Our document scanning and archiving solution supports the collection of HR records for multiple locations across the UK and Ireland, digitising records and making them accessible through a secure HR system, hosted by Crown. We are able to load documents into your own line of business systems, creating a fully searchable database to find records quickly, remove risk, improve HR services, and remove cost from the business.

The creation of digital records means that many laborious tasks such are destroying or weeding paper records can be done by the system, using automatic retention scheduling once an employee has been offboarded. This is one of many workflow automatisations that can be done following a scanning programme.

See how we helped a large UK Police force to digitise 24,000 records

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Legal Scanning

Our legal digital solution enables law firms or legal departments, whether a small independent business or a corporate multinational firm, access to records quickly and securely from anywhere in the world!

Our world operates very differently today. We have seen more and more organisations switch to hybrid ways of working, or law firms reviewing their property portfolios and closing offices completely.

When this decision is made, it causes an issue with fee earners not being able to access critical and sensitive case files. This is where we can help.

Our legal scanning and hosting service means that fee earners can request files on either an ad hoc basis, or in bulk as part of a legacy back scanning programme.

All case files are made available to Crown’s secure hosting portal, which allows fee earners and support staff to access records quickly and securely. Our mobile/tablet application means that these records can even be accessed in a court room, or whilst travelling to a case.

We can ingest all data to your system too, working with your IT team to create the correct space, structure and access.

Don’t worry, our accreditation in BS 10008 means that documents have been scanned to a very high level and to a specific specification that ensures that that are legally admissible in court.

Patient Records

At Crown, we hold millions of patients records for NHS Trusts, Doctors/Dentists surgeries and private practices across the UK and Ireland. We store these records both physically in our high-tech storage facilities and on our secure hosted platform.

Our wide range of services have been supporting the care of patients for decades, being the invisible backbone of the care of patient data and ensuring records are delivered on-time, whether that be to support an ad-hoc appointment, or in an emergency, delivering files urgently.

Our healthcare system makes life simpler for both healthcare professionals and patients.

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