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Retention Policy Management

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Businesses and organisations are creating data and information at an ever-increasing rate. Some of this information is categorised as a “record”, which can be digital or physical in nature and needs to be managed over the course of its life cycle from creation to data destruction.

The primary tools in digital and physical information life cycle management are the records retention policy and schedule.

The records retention policy is a crucial element of compliance; typically an overarching statement of how the company approaches data retention, explaining for each record how long a business needs to keep a piece of information, where it’s stored and how to dispose of it. Our experts can help you develop retention plans to suit your business and regulatory environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Understand in detail the laws that govern specific records.
  • Specify access and security rules, and crucially the disposition process such as deletion, moving to a long-term archive and more.
  • Develop the most efficient and compliant policy and schedule for you. Where physical documents exist, our Document Scanning services can scan and index the document, applying metadata for easy data retrieval and retention considerations.
  • When paper documents have reached the end of life and met your organisation’s requirements of retention, our Secure Shredding Services will enable you to destroy them, confident that you are complying with regulations governing information destruction.
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