Apply now for your GDPR Readiness Assessment

Making data future-proof: the biggest challenge of the digital age

With not long to go until the GDPR, it's time to prepare!

Crown Records Management, are able to provide you with a GDPR Readiness Assessment, see below of what this entails: 

Step 1: A High Level Risk Profile

Undertake an assessment exercise including interviews with stakeholders, workshops and questionnaires as appropriate, to capture the following:

  • Type of Personal Data Processed
  • Volume of Personal Data Processed
  • Size of organisation
  • Complexity of data processing and supporting systems
  • Complexity of organisation

This information is used to generate an objective and specific risk measurement for the organisation which can be compared to other organisations and industries.

Step 2: A Readiness Assessment

An assessment of readiness will comprise a detailed evaluation of the organisation’s maturity and current capabilities via interviews, workshops and a review of relevant policies, procedures and systems currently in place:

  • Detailed four-level readiness rating against each of the 31 data protection sub-principles
  • Professional assessment of the required level of readiness in each area by the time the GDPR comes into force in May 2018
  • Regulation and a set of interim tasks to deal with any immediate issues

Benefits of the Assessment

The IMS Risk and Readiness Assessment gives a really good grasp of the current state and allows organisations to bring a level of control over personal data as well as ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

Carrying out this process will demonstrate to regulators that organisations are proactive in taking data privacy seriously. 

Organisations will reduce the likelihood of a breach – especially of the accidental type – and lessen the potential impact through an understanding of what personal data was at risk or had been affected.



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