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Cut through the Marketing double speak

Written by Ben Elliott, Crown Records Management

For years, organisations have been talking about the impact of technology on their operations and their market space. It has been essential in every conversation that I have that we are utilising the same terminology. Unless you live and work in this world, simply trying to penetrate the myriad of ever changing and frankly hard to define buzz words, phrases and acronyms can be a challenge.

Not only are these buzz words and acronyms ever present, but they are also ever-increasing. The problem is not only the needless confusion that they can cause; but also, being able to cut through the industry buzz words to get to the actionable benefits these investments can make for you and your organisation.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for so many is where to start. How do you cut through the double speak to get to a concept that will meet your needs? How do you communicate the need and potential not only to internal stake holders, but to the relevant decision makers?

This is time-consuming and complex when working in a single department, but the issues only escalate when talking about a solution such as enterprise content and records management solutions. In those instances of systems and solutions that cross the whole enterprise, as well as having an operational impact, getting to that initial shared vision can take so much time and effort that it can be the death knell for the project before it has already begun.

This is where our Business Process Reviews can help. Dictated by the needs and objectives of the organisation, they will take a closer look across ‘People, Process & Technology’ and not only identify issues, risks, and gaps, but provide some recommendations on process improvements and the tools that will provide these. The result being: a guide and a roadmap specific to your organisation, speaking in your terms, for where you are now and the actionable steps to be taken to achieve your aims.

Contact us now to see how we can help you cut through the double speak to the benefits that you can unlock.

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