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Did you know that we sustainably destroy data on tapes?

In 2022 Crown Records Management partnered with Insurgo, a company that provides secure and sustainable solutions for tape erasure.

Tapes are considered one of the safest and cheapest methods of backing up data, but until recently have been exclusively single use, making them very unsustainable.

Previously, to destroy data stored on a tape, the tape would also have to be destroyed, typically by either shredding or degaussing; neither of these methods allow for reuse or recycling of the tape after processing or have a secure end to end process.  However, Insurgo have developed a technology known as KIT that allows for tape media reuse or recycling by erasing data only, with a guaranteed 0% chance of data recovery.

In November 2022, Crown installed several of Insurgo’s patented Drives, Scanners, and Real-time Asset Tracking software at our Milton Keynes site, with 400 tapes securely erased and ready for reuse.

Depending on the type of tape, the reuse of these could generate a cost saving of between £1200-£80,000 as opposed to buying new.  It is also important to note that the energy consumption of Insurgo’s technology is much less than that of traditional methods of tape destruction or erasure.

For example, a shredder uses 48 times more energy per tape than KIT, and a degausser uses 9 times more energy.  The tapes Crown erase and reuse now have an estimated lifecycle of 30-50 years and come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Interested in finding out more about tape media, and how we can help to sustainable destroy data on your tapes? Check out out e-commerce tape website today!

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