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Business Process Management vs Business Process Automation: What is the difference?

In this engaging session, we unravel the intricacies of Business Process Management and Business Process Automation, exploring the key differences that make each approach unique. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the field or just starting to navigate these realms, this on-demand webinar promises valuable insights that will enhance your understanding and decision-making processes.

In this webinar,
we’ll cover:

  • The fundamental concepts and principles behind Business Process Management and Automation.
  • Why organisations are shifting towards process automation and how this is impacting their efficiencies.
  • How to determine whether Business Process Management or Business Process Automation is right for you.

Meet the Speakers

Michelle Kermath 

Head of Consultancy & Technical – ECM

Michelle Kermath leads ECM Consultancy at Crown Records Management, with a wealth of experience in Enterprise Content Management. As a skilled Business & Solutions Consultant, she excels in diverse industries, driving re-engineering, operations, and risk management. Michelle’s leadership has fuelled change and success, evident in her role as Head of Technical & Consultancy – ECM at Crown Records Management since August 2021. Previously, she thrived as Business Consultancy & Solutions Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK. Michelle’s journey underscores her innovation and leadership in ECM.


Ravi Patel 

Digital Information Management Expert

Meet Ravi Patel, our resident Business Development Manager and Digital Information Management Expert at Crown Records Management. Ravi has a wealth of experience in the field of both digital and traditional records management accrued over 10 years of working in the industry. He specialises in providing comprehensive consultancy services on creating secure digital workplaces and developing efficient digital workflows.


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