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Making the most of your mailroom

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of any business. For many organisations, the mail room is the hub of all business documentation. That’s why scanning and organising these documents, categorising them and knowing where they are going is paramount. Our latest on-demand webinar takes you on the journey from the traditional mailroom as we know it, right the way through to the benefits of setting up a digital mailroom, and what it can bring to your organisation.

In this webinar,
we’ll cover:

  • The traditional mailroom.
  • The future of mail management.
  • The impact of changes in the work environment.

Meet the Speakers

Michelle Kermath 

Head of Consultancy & Technical – ECM

Michelle Kermath leads ECM Consultancy at Crown Records Management, with a wealth of experience in Enterprise Content Management. As a skilled Business & Solutions Consultant, she excels in diverse industries, driving re-engineering, operations, and risk management. Michelle’s leadership has fuelled change and success, evident in her role as Head of Technical & Consultancy – ECM at Crown Records Management since August 2021. Previously, she thrived as Business Consultancy & Solutions Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK. Michelle’s journey underscores her innovation and leadership in ECM.


Matt Read 

Head of Digital Services UK&I

Matt is Head of Digital Services at Crown Records Management with 15 years’ experience in the field of digitisation, data extraction and information management.


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