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12 ways to use data capture with an ECM solution

Written by Ben Elliott, Crown Records Management

Document capture is essential in the successful implementation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The process of digitisation and data discovery can be both an important first step and ongoing necessity to achieve some of the advantages derived from an ECM platform. No matter what department that you work in, be it sales, operations, finance, or HR, there are benefits to utilising data capture with an ECM solution:

  1. 1. Capture documentation the minute it arrives - in any format, from anywhere

    To improve document visibility, it's important to capture them as soon as possible. Scan paper documents and related documents directly from any scanner or MFP, or immediately capture anything received via e-mail or even fax.

  2. 2. Reduce manual data entry

    Reduce processing costs by 50% to 80%. Extract data and share it with your line of business applications using advanced machine learning OCR technology.

  3. 3. Electronically route documents for processing

    Build efficiencies by using an ECM’s functionality to electronically route and keep track of documents through every step of any process.

  4. 4. Speed-up processing time

    Improve document-driven process turnaround time by utilising digital documentation in conjunction to ECM workflow.

  5. 5. Eliminate process delays

    No longer will documents be waiting on a colleague’s desk to be actioned after they come back from annual leave.

  6. 6. Enable internal self-service for many different departments

    Make documentation available from any business application so employees can track and enquire about processes without interrupting staff.

  7. 7. Easily search and find documentation

    Use ad-hoc searching and views in an ECM solution to find what you need quickly and never lose an important document.

  8. 8. Look up related documents instantly

    Easily cross-reference related documents with an ECM solution.

  9. 9. Instantly access transactional documents

    Create a central repository for all related transactional documentation by capturing and storing images from any source.

  10. 10. Give external parties direct access to document images

    Free your staff from relentless questions by providing access to document images.

  11. 11. Improve governance and compliance requirements

    Streamline time-consuming by alleviating the burden of searching for files by providing direct access to requested documentation in an ECM solution.

  12. 12. Optimise your processes

    With digital document routing and workflows in place you can easily identify bottlenecks and delays in your processes ensuring continual improvements can be made.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Manually entering document information
  • Keying data manually into more that one backend system
  • Manually sorting documentation such as incoming mail
  • Physically routing documents through the organisation for approval
  • Making copies of documents
  • Completing a two-way match of documents such as invoices to purchase orders
  • Missing task completions
  • Filing and retrieving
  • Processing the same document more than once
  • Locating lost or misfiled documentation

If so, please contact us. From conception to implementation, we are able to assist on your journey into the world of benefits that ECM can offer.

Our solutions are market-leading whilst keeping in mind the unique business processes and workflow of organisations. Crown Records Management can provide flexible, customisable solutions to meet the needs of any organisation, large or small.

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