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Understanding the nature of digital document capture

Learn about the key differences between document capture and document management

In this blog I will go through how to navigate the intricate realm of data processing, providing insights into ‘What is data processing?’ and ‘What is data mapping?’, as well as diving into the key differences between document capture and document management. Let’s embark on this data-focused journey together

Written by Ravi Patel

Ravi is Business Development Manager at Crown Records Management with years of experience in the field of both digital and traditional records management.

Document Capture vs Document Management: What is the difference?

Document capture is the method of converting physical paper documents into digital representations. This is done by scanning the physical document into a scanner which will produce a digital copy of the document. Document management is the act of maintaining a level of high security of sensitive content to your business by managing the digital document securely and either securely disposing or storing the physical document.

Imagine a daily scenario in any business, letters and post come through to the main desk and then they are distributed physically to individuals via an employee. The advantage of document capture can automate this process by scanning the mail into a scanner. The mail can then be sent to the recipients electronically. Adopting this way of working not only helps organisations save time, but it can also have a significant impact on financial gain.

The example above is just one of many ways digital document capture can help alter paper processes in work environments and speed up working duties, making it more efficient and actionable. There is a greater need now, in the digital age, to update paper-based workflows in any organisation through the use of secure document scanning and document management.

Imagine the scenario above but on a much bigger working scale, which includes masses amounts of physical paper documents coming into an organisation. The pain of dealing with them daily can be hard to manage and makes it vulnerable to many human errors and cannot always guarantee full security of the document which can be dangerous, especially for sensitive content. Document capture and document management services can take away these pains by working with your business documents, no matter how unique and complex they are.

At Crown we offer a variety of services around this topic, including our Digital Mailroom service. Find out more here!

What is Data Processing?

At the core of every organisation’s success lies data processing, a critical operation that transforms raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. But what exactly is data processing? In simple terms, it’s the conversion of data into a more comprehensible format, often involving various tasks such as data collection, analysis, storage, and retrieval.

Data processing plays a pivotal role in making informed decisions, enhancing business operations, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This multifaceted process can occur through various means, from manual data entry to advanced automated systems.

What is Data Mapping?

Understanding data mapping is crucial for efficient data management. Data mapping is the process of associating and linking data from one source to another. This enables you to comprehend how data flows within your organisation, how it’s stored, and how it’s utilised.

Effective data mapping can assist in identifying data redundancy, enhancing data quality, and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Crown Records Management excels in aiding businesses in mapping their data, facilitating smoother and more organised data processing. Check out our extensive list of Digital Scanning & Imaging services now!

By mapping your data, you can gain valuable insights into your information ecosystem, bolstering decision-making and ensuring the integrity of your data. This is particularly critical in today’s data-centric world.

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For any organisation, digitising their document management system can offer a significant advantage on the way daily tasks are carried out and general operation of the business. Documents can be accessed in a quicker manner, which helps to increase effectiveness and offers a customer a higher level of professionalism.

Are you looking to start your document scanning journey? We’ve got you covered.

Our highly skilled team utilises advanced scanning technology to capture and convert documents with the utmost precision. This not only saves you time and space but also mitigates the risk of document loss or damage. Your digitised documents are securely stored and readily accessible, empowering your organisation to flourish in the digital landscape.

Get in touch with us today to commence a journey towards more efficient data management and decision-making.

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