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FTSE 100 Financial Services Company

FTSE 100 Financial Services Company partners with Crown to digitise 2.4 million files

A leading FTSE 100 financial services company, whose products and services include life insurance, pensions and investment management digitise 2.4 million files.

The Challenge

The client was faced with the enormous challenge of getting 2.4 million pages of vital customer information, which was stored with five different suppliers, transformed from paper files into digital files.

The project had a tight completion timeline of just 10 weeks. We also had to adhere to strict security guidelines, including preventing the joining of networks.

The Solution

Crown addressed the need for a bespoke solution, tailored to the client’s needs. Firstly, we ensured secure transportation of all documents to a stand-alone facility, to maintain physical and network independence.

Each page was scanned with our scanning services using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make the resulting document searchable. Crown’s quality control process of checking each image twice (200%) allowed an accuracy rate of 99.8%. A special independent network was created to run the clients imaging software.

The solution had to complement our clients with existing systems. Once scanned, the digital files were transferred, daily, to the clients’ team, who were responsible for placing the files into their existing system. This enabled previously difficult to access data to become easily available to staff who needed the information, providing increasingly effective services to customers.

Upon completion, all data was removed from any hard drives within Crown’s environment. This was independently examined to ensure no trace of customer data remained.

The Results

As a result of partnering with Crown, the client now has 2.4 million files containing vital customer information digitally stored in one central and secure place.

The client has seen significant improvements in efficiency levels since digitising their files, which include:

  • Easy and instant access to multiple users across their offices
  • Considerable cost savings in terms of physical transportation, as this is no longer needed
  • Supports GDPR requirements as easy to manage and delete digital files as required

This successful project again demonstrates Crown’s ability to manage information in paper and digital formats. Crown has been the clients’ side supplier of records management services since 2008, managing all their information across the UK.

“With Crown’s guidance, we successfully digitised 2.4 million files, giving our employees better accessibility and dramatically reducing our transportation costs. This proves testament to the great work of Crown and why we have been working together for so many years.”

Relationship Manager, Leading FTSE 100 Financial Services Company

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