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UK law firm – creating secure virtual environment

Our customer is one of the UK’s largest consumer law firms with offices throughout England, Wales & Scotland in which we service through the region in both physical and digital delivery.


The unpresented impact of the Coronavirus outbreak meant that our customer was forced to close their offices, with employees and fee earners working from home without access to their business-critical hardcopy information located within their office in the heart of Central London. This created a major challenge in how logistically files could be delivered to hundreds of fee earner homes and the data risk of moving sensitive information.


Soon after the lockdown came into force, Crown quickly upscaled on their existing scan on demand capabilities by deploying specialist equipment throughout the UK and Ireland and reached out to our customer base to ensure that our clients knew that our Scan on Demand service was available to support them.

Prior to lockdown, Crown’s Workspace team was already working on-site with our customer providing office fit out services and had been approached on a Friday morning by our customer who discussed their concerns on the potential lockdown and asked Crown for support. On the Friday afternoon our team of records management specialists were deployed to site, itemising 5,000 legal files into barcoded cartons, and moving them to our secure facility located in Peterborough.

Concurrently to this, our project management team were busy setting up a bespoke digital solution to ensure that access to these digital files could be initiated as soon as they arrived in Crown’s secure facility in Peterborough which also housed the UKI Digital Centre of Excellence

Our tracked vehicle arrived in Peterborough on the same day of the uplift and a second audit check was completed by the following Monday, allowing files to be ordered for scanning from the ‘get go’ as and when required by the fee earners. These could be requested either on Crown’s on-line ordering portal or through our dedicated Customer Support team.

Following scanning the files are securely transferred via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and ingested directly into their SharePoint site.

The Centre of Excellence now co-ordinate this service across the UK and Ireland, completing additional quality control checks of scanned files and policing the process.


  • Mitigated data risk from hardcopy files being delivered.
  • Improved efficiency – Files are accessible almost instantly with Fee Earners being able to continue working on cases. OCR technology has added additional search functionality. Content from 1 file can now be found in seconds rather than 37 minutes on average.
  • Digital Transformation – Helping to achieve digital transformation to create a sustainable Records Management approach.
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